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The Crash Zone is a powerful crash scene reconstruction program with amazing 3D, animation, and crash calculations!
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  Do you use a total station or 3D scanner?

Our Pocket Zone, data collection software, is ideal for mapping with a total station. If you capture point clouds with a laser scanner, CZ Point Cloud software is a MUST!
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New! CZ Point Cloud - Draw in a Point Cloud!

Many investigators recognize the huge benefit of mapping a scene with a laser scanner to capture an accurate, 360-degree model, of a crash or crime scene. Unfortunately, the software typically offered with these device is not very easy for investigators to learn and use. The CAD Zone has changed all that with the introduction of CZ Point Cloud,™ a new application that makes it fast and easy for you to create accurate, 2D/3D diagrams and animations from a point cloud!

It's easy to get what you want from a point cloud! Click here to learn more about CZ Point Cloud.



 What's New in Crash Zone and Crime Zone Version 9?

Crash Zone and Crime Zone Version 9is here! These programs are by far the most user friendly, efficient, and accurate, forensic mapping software we've ever created!

The users who have been helping test Version 9 say it's the best
 CAD Zone program ever! We're getting reports of users saying they can
complete drawings and animations 25% - 50% faster in Version 9.


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New! More Efficient User Interface - All the most commonly used commands have been brought together in a new, efficient layout so you can draw and edit faster.

New! Adjust Vehicle Reflectivity and 3D Light Source PositioningYour 3D images will look even more realistic with our new smooth shading and light source positiong!Adjust the spectral reflectivity of vehicles to make them look more or less "shiny." Now you can get exactly the look you want.


New! "Heads Up Display" -Automatically show object properties and geometry on-screen as you draw. Just mouse over an object to see its properties at the top of the screen.

New! File and Symbol Search -Use the new File Search feature to quickly find drawing files or symbols by simply entering a portion of their name.

Improved! Better Auto-Surfacing - Auto-surfacing now allows you to select boundaries of complex shapes and generate quick 3D surfaces without overlapping sections. You can also apply the new Textures to surfaces to add a more realistic look to asphalt parking lots, grass fields, ponds, and so on.

 New! Realistic Textures -Now you can  fill areas with a solid color, a 2D hatch pattern, or one of the new textures like grass, water, asphalt, brick, wood grain, or gravel. There are 50 new textures and all of them display in 2D and 3D views. Adjust the scale to make each texture look exactly the way you want it. 



New! Critical Speed Calculator – Determine critical speed of a selected arc or curve. Curves are divided into eight sections and the critical speed is performed for each section so you can compare them. The Critical Speed Calculator is just the latest addition to The Crash Zone's crash reconstruction tools. Click here to learn more about our Crash Reconstruction tools!

Improved! Compatible with AutoCAD 2011 - Import AutoCAD® 2011 files in either .dwg and .dxf format. New! 3D Object Length Tool - Automatically measure and label the true, 3D, length of any object (arcs, curves, circles, lines, and polygons) selected in the diagram.

Improved! Move through Animations - The powerful Animation tools have been improved with the addition of a new "Moving Camera" feature. With this feature you can fix the "camera" to any position on a vehicle symbol. This lets you generate animations with a moving viewpoint, such as what might be seen by the driver of a vehicle or creating a "walk through" of the scene. You can accurately synchronize the animation of up to 4 objects.  Click to learn more about Animation!

"There are many of us testers who have noticed the hard work you have put into CZ9. Once it is released, the rest of the CZ users out here will see the work that has been put into this new version. Keep up the excellent work!" Detective William Redfairn, Las Vegas MPD

New! Crush Calculator - Use the new Vehicle Crush Calculator to determine the energy and the equivalent barrier speed from vehicle crush damage data using the 2pt / 4pt / 6pt crush calculation method. Creates a graphical crush model from the data entered that you can place into your diagram.



New! Aerial Views From Bing Maps - A single mouse click gives you access to the Bing™ mapping system, from Microsoft®, or Google®, Maps. Enter an address or name of a facility and Bing retrieves a recent satellite photograph. Place the photo in your diagram as a background and draw on top of it. You can even place photographs on vertical surfaces, to show signs and building facades.



Improved! Easy-to-use Properties - Now it's easy to see what properties are currently set and make changes. All the object property settings are at the very top of the Tool Zone left-hand toolbox, including Layer, Color, Line Type, Line Width, and Match Property.

New! Point Label Display - Point Label Display dynamically scales text associated with points (such as points brought in from a total station) so it is easier to read. You choose whether to display the labels and how large to make the text for the point number, elevation, and description, of each point.


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Crash Zone 8 and Crime Zone 8 users can upgrade to Version 9 for $299 per license.
(Users of older versions, please call for pricing.)

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