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 The CAD Zone products do not require a super computer,
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  Watch the Movie!

This short, but informative, movie will show you how easy it is  to create better crime scene diagrams with The Crime Zone!
The Crime Zone Movie

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  Are you a Crash Reconstructionist?

The Crash Zone is a powerful crash scene reconstruction program with amazing 3D, animation, and crash calculations!
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 We are constantly improving your software, so
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The Crime Zone Movie


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Our Technical Support is free! You can call and talk to our  Oregon-based Support staff for as long as you want!
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The Crime Zone Movie


Easy Plan

5 Minute Pre-fire Plan Diagrams!

Now every Fire Department can have excellent pre-fire plan diagrams, without all the time consuming measuring and drawing. Just use Easy Plan's unique method of turning a satellite image of a building into your pre-fire diagram. You can create comprehensive site diagrams in five minutes or less!


Here’s how to create accurate, detailed, pre-fire plan diagrams in less than 5 minutes:

1) Launch Easy Plan and enter an address to bring in the satellite image for that area.
2) Use the basic drawing tools to outline buildings or other important features.
3) Place symbols to show hydrants, FDCs, doors, sprinkler systems, and more.
4) Place labels and dimensions - the satellite image is perfectly sized so you can measure from it.
5) Add your new diagram to First Look Pro for easy access on your mobile computers or print it.

If you don't believe it, watch this short movie! One of the CAD Zone staff will use Easy Plan to create a diagram before your eyes in less than five minutes.


 Easy Plan is being used by firefighters world-wide to create detailed, accurate, pre-incident plan diagrams, from the comfort of their fire station. It includes thousands of pre-drawn symbols that are easily dropped into place, sized, and rotated. Since Easy Plan was developed specifically for fire service users, it's fast and easy to show all the details that are critical to a fire-fighting effort.

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