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The Crash Zone is a powerful crash scene reconstruction program with amazing 3D, animation, and crash calculations!
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Our Pocket Zone, data collection software, is ideal for mapping with a total station. If you capture point clouds with a laser scanner, CZ Point Cloud software is a MUST!
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The Crime Zone Version 9 is here!

Easy and Accurate Crime Scene Diagrams

For nearly 20 years, The Crime Zone software has been the best choice for investigators and law enforcement officers who need to draw crime scene diagrams! It's easy to draw accurate, realistic, 2D and 3D views of any crime scene that are ideal for courtroom presentations. Crime Zone users can also put their 2D and 3D diagrams in motion with the unique Easy Animation Tools. You only need one diagramming application, since The Crime Zone is also ideal for drawing crash scenes!

Check out the Version 9 What's New page!

  Dbl-Homicide-trajectoryThe Crime Zone is ideal for creating accurate 2D and 3D diagrams of crime and crash
scenes. You can quickly show the location of bodies, evidence, blood spatter, and
bullet trajectories, even on vertical surfaces.

Completely Accurate - Your crime scene drawings are always as accurate as the measurements you take at the scene. The Crime Zone is a true, vector-based program that stores measurements and performs mathematical computations to 16 place accuracy. It's also ideal for forensic mapping because you can import measurements from 3D scanners, total stations and other laser measurement devices, photogrammetry, or enter them manually. Click here to learn more about using a 3D scanner.

Widely Accepted for Courtroom Exhibits -Crime Scene Investigators know that an accurate diagram of the scene can make all the difference in their case. Thousands of police officers and Crime Scene investigators have used diagrams and animations created with The Crime Zone and The Crash Zone in their courtroom presentations.

Ideal for Drawing Crash Scenes - The Crime Zone is also a complete crash scene diagramming program. It includes many crash reconstruction formulas, a vehicle crush calculator, a slope calculator, vehicle specifications database, the ability to create and share templates of intersections, thousands of 2D/3D symbols of vehicles, road hazards, signs, and much more. The Crime Zone and The Crash Zone are essentially the same program. You just select the program name you prefer.


Drag and drop the pre-drawn symbols into place to show furniture,
appliances, trees, vehicles, weapons, clothing, and more.
You can create an accurate crime scene diagram in minutes!



Only The Crime Zone has tools like our unique Body Poser for exactly posing body symbols and our Easy Builder for auto- matically drawing complex building floor plans. The Easy Animation Tools let you set your diagrams in motion! Click here to learn more about The Crime Zone's features.




     It's easy and fast to create crime scene diagrams!       

Easy to Learn -Unique toolboxes and "Wizards" let you draw building outlines, draw 3D stairs and ramps, and create complex streets and intersections with just a few clicks.Only The Crime Zone has them! More than 70 training movies are included that show you exactly how to draw!

Powerful Drawing Tools -The Crime Zone includes all the drawing and editing commands you need to construct a 2D/3D diagram, whether it's a simple sketch or a complex reconstruction. It also includes more than 100 custom line types and thousands of pre-drawn symbols of items you will find at a crime site, including vehicles, bodies, weapons, furniture, doors, windows clothing, trees, shrubs, street lights, weapons, animals, and more. Click here to learn more about drawing features.

Import Photos - Bring in geo-referenced images from Microsoft's Bing™ Maps, or other aerial photographs to use as a background or to trace over. Import photographs from digital cameras in .bmp, .jpg, or .wmf formats. Place photos anywhere in your diagrams to show evidence, buildings, and more. Use digital images as a background or to show a vertical surface in a 3D view, such as a road sign or the front of a building.


"Crime Zone is our pick for crime scene diagramming software.
Judges and juries love it, defense attorneys do not." 
Detective Mark McCoy, Lorain PD

Easy Animations!
Put your 2D and 3D crime scene diagrams in motion using The Crime Zone’s new 3D Animation Tools.  You can use animations to show the motion of any symbol, such as a bullet trajectory or a vehicle crash. It’s the easiest way to create accurate animations of crime and crash scenes! Use the new Moving Camera feature to place the camera on an object that moves through the scene, like a person walking through it or a driver in a vehicle.Click to learn more.

Compatible With Laser Devices, Including 3D Scanners -   Import measurement data from Laser Technology devices and most total stations made by Topcon, Sokkia, Nikon AIMS, Leica and more. For even faster drawings, use Pocket Zone data collection software to capture all your measurements at the scene! Pocket Zone lets you use your Pocket PC to collect measurements directly from your total station or Laser Technology device and generate your drawing at the site. With the new CZ Point Cloud application, Crime Zone users can create accurate, 2D and 3D diagrams from the point cloud data commonly produced by 3D laser scanners. (CZ Point Cloud is available separately.)

         Accurate 3D diagrams with just a few mouse clicks!       

The Crime Zone's 3D tools make it easy to pose bodies, show furniture, show blood and other evidence on walls.



One Click 3D!With just one mouse click you can see your scene in 3D and view it from any angle! It's much easier to draw in 2D, so you create your crime scene drawing there. The complex 3D scene is automatically created for you in the background.

Powerful 3D tools let you adjust the elevation of objects, show signs and evidence on walls, align vehicles to sloped roadways, construct bullet trajectories, and create complex 3D surfaces. 

Amazing 2D/3D Body Poser -The unique Body Poser toolbox lets you give a body exactly the right pose in 2D and in 3D drawings. Just point and click to select gender, height, and a basic pose, such as running or sitting. Drag each joint and limb to the desired position and then change skin color and clothes color to match the scene. You can even save poses to use them again later!

Training Widely Available!Training courses are available at colleges and institutes across North America, including The IPTM, Henry Lee Institute, Ontario Police College, Fox Valley College, UC Riverside, and many more. Visit our Training Web Site to find trainers near you and see a list of upcoming classes. Click to learn more. 

Free Technical Support and No Annual Maintenance Fees - With The Crime Zone investigation software, there are never any hidden fees. The cost of the software covers maintenance updates (updates between major version changes) and technical support! If you have questions, just call: 800-641-9077.

“I think Crime Zone is one of the greatest products. I work in
the District Attorney's office and have used it for many cases!” 
Lorraine Krisanda, Legal Graphics, Bethlehem, PA


2D-3D-house-murderCreate your crime scene diagrams in 2D, where it's easy to draw.
Just a few mouse clicks converts it to an accurate 3D model!

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